Death of a kiln!

Aagh! What a few weeks!

I should explain, over Easter I ran a bronze and copper clay workshop for 20 people. It was fun and as usual I took away everyone's goodies to fire in the studio. In addition, and as often happens, I had a number of commissions to do too.

You will not be surprised to learn from the giveaway headline that my kiln started to act up soon afterwards, then did failed completely and all the home based repairs did not resolve the issue. Off to Dorset with the darn thing then, by which time a couple of weeks have already gone past. I got it back this Wednesday afternoon after pretty much every flipping part of the thing has had to be replaced and yes, I wish I had just bought a new one (the bill was enormous) but so much of it has been changed out that it's like it has undergone a full refurbishment. Sadly, my other little kiln just couldn't do what the big one that failed could so I had to wait.

Still, and here's the thing, the work didn't go away. Obviously, It is joined by more and more and more as the days tick by. The moral of the story is, of course, that you don't know how reliant you are on your equipment until it isn't there.

I have a very busy week or two ahead catching up with everything that is so very late. So much for the Harrow Open Studios preparation!

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