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A Roman Holiday

This week saw my first trip to Rome. My lovely husband is working there on a project and although he has been there since the beginning of the year, it was my first opportunity for a visit.

There is so very much to see that it was hard to choose what to start with but there was one thing on the top of my list. The reason it was important to me was that I made it, in silver, as a commission about three years ago for a lovely lady, her mum and sister as a treasured memento of their time in Rome together.

The Bocco della Verita (below) is translated as the Mouth of Truth. It is believed that it was used a test of truthfulness by asking a question of a person when their hand was in the mouth. If they spoke a lie they would lose the hand. Learn more about this here:

I have hardly scratched the surface of this wonderful place, there is something around every street corner, or so it seems. I am lucky to have somewhere to stay whenever I need it and I hope to be able to make the most of it while the other 'arf is still based there. How lucky am I!

The photos below show the photo I took of the Bocco this week and the silver pendant I made three years ago.

Bocco della Verita

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