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More ... Yes, I know! 


For people who want to make the most of this amazing material, metal clay, there are a number of additional classes you can take to extend your skillset.  Try base metal clays or making your own findings with a chance to learn soldering so you can make all sorts of useful things to go with your wonderful silver clay pieces.  Enameling is a great way to add colour to your work and always popular.  

Lastly, if you just need somewhere to work, book some time at the studio where all the tools and equipment are already there for you to use.  A great way to get making without the restrictions of space and lack of resources.

If you love the gold and copper colours of base metals clays or are concerned about the cost of silver clay, then this class will get you started with these cost effective alternatives.  Whether this is this your first foray into metal clay or you have already tried it in silver, there's lots to learn and lots of fun to be had doing it.

Add beautiful glass enamels to silver clay.  In this class you will learn how to create your pieces and apply fabulous enamels to bring some colour to your design.  Please Note: this class is not suitable for beginners.

From jump rings to soldering, this class is a fantastic way to learn how to make the most of your jewellery making.  Learn how to make ear wires, join silver clay elements and sterling silver together effectively to create stud earrings or cufflinks.  How cool is that!

Need somewhere to work?  Need to make some items?  Need to get away so you can concentrate?  Come and use the well equipped studio where everything it to hand. 

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