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Lots to do? Not sure how to do something? Repairs?

Do you struggle to find the time and space to make like you want to?  Constantly being interrupted at home?  Don't have enough of anything to make the things you want to make?  No access to the equipment you need? If that sounds familiar then you will want to take advantage of the studio's extensive facilities.

If you need something repaired or need someone else to do a fiddly bit, like soldering a jump ring closed for example, then contact us and we can do it for you.  We will assess what needs doing and give you a quote before work starts, as you would expect.  Please note that we do not carry out repairs in gold, platinum or paladium.

Studio Facilities

Booking studio time is simple and straightforward, book a minimum of 2 hours per session then pay hourly after that as much as you need.

If you have everything you need but can't afford to buy your kiln yet, use our kiln firing service to get your pieces fired properly.  We also offer tumbling, polishing, cleaning and repairs services.

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