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Silver Clay Courses


Keen to learn as much as you can about this amazing material?  Our courses offer in depth, high quality training in using metal clay.  Some classes run weekly in the evenings, others are run over a period of days.

A brilliant way to start your creative journey with silver clay.  From the very beginning to a good intermediate level, this course will lay the foundations of your skills with metal clay and is the perfect prep for the optional Art Clay Level 1 Certification.

Students who have completed SC10, SC10+ or equivalent will have the opportunity to learn specific skills according to their own requirements.  Need to work on advanced construction?  No problem.  Want to mix media?  For sure.  You choose, we provide the support and training.

Ready for the next level?  Silver clay in 10+ (or it's 4 day equivalent) will extend your skills beyond the basic.  Key techniques are introduced and explored and a range of tips and tricks are given to make your work stand out in all the right ways.  A great way to get ready for Art Clay Level 2 Certification if that's where you are headed!

Occasionally we run classes that revolve around the creation of a specific piece or a series of techniques.  Typically these are aimed at students with some experience of working with metal clay.

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