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For people who want to make the most of this amazing material, metal clay, there are a number of courses available.  Starting at the beginning and building skills and confidence at every step.  Most courses, except certification courses, are run as both 10 week evening classes and four day intensives

From unwrapping and storing your clay to creating 3D beads, thes courses will give you the key skills you need to make your own amazing precious jewellery.  This course is perfect preparation if you wish to take Art Clay Level 1 Certification at a later date.


Advanced and Masterclasses

The advance courses differ from many others in that they are driven by the students themselves.  There are so many techniques and skills out there that courses can only deliver so many of them.  

The perfect follow on courses if you already have completed the Introduction course or hold an existing metal clay certificate.  The course content seeks to extend and expand your skillbase using proven successful techniques.  Perfect preparation for Art Clay Level 2 Certification if you plan to take it.

Certification Courses

Not sure whether silver clay is for you?  Don't have the time for a course or even a full day?  These taster classes are an ideal way of dipping your toe into the world of silver clay.  You will be shown the basics of how to make a piece of jewellery and be able to take it away with you at the end of the day.

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