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Silver Clay in 10+ and Silver Clay in 4+


If you want to extend your capabilities then these courses are ideal.  Each class will introduce you to new techniques and as your skill set grows you will be completing advanced projects you can use in your own work.


SC10+ and SC4+ cover exactly the same programme and are identical in everything but how they are delivered.  The 10 week course takes place on one evening a week for 10 weeks.  SC4 takes 4 full days usually taken as 2 days and 2 weeks later a further 2.  Requests for other dates are welcome.

Please note that these courses are not suitable for beginners and a good level of competence must be proven.  The Holders of Art Clay Level 1 certification, completion of Silver Clay in 10 (or 4) or similar are welcome.   Assessments sessions are available on request.


Level: Intermediate or certification holder

Cost: £325

Includes: Materials, use of tools, project sheets, lunch*, beverages and biscuits.

* Lunch is provided for SC4 students

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